Director’s Letter

Welcome from Sebastian Bzdak, Director responsible for Partnerships

JDS Partners is looking to reach agreements with new manufacturing partners to supply us with great quality and unique products to sell exclusively online.

We have a long history in online retail sales, originally starting as a seller of wallpaper – buying from several suppliers and selling on to consumers in the UK. In 2013 we reached an exclusive agreement with a new supplier – to sell their products online as before, but where the orders would ship direct to our customers from the manufacturers factory. This process is called ‘dropshipping’ and has revolutionised both our business and that of our supplier. We are now looking for more dropshipping opportunities with manufacturers in different product areas.

With over 10 years of experience selling online in the UK and actively selling across 11 more countries, in 6 different languages we have devel- oped exceptional skills and a talented network of people to manage all aspects of selling online. We use the major channels of Ebay and Amazon, along with custom-built websites, and great online marketing to drive sales. We have developed bespoke systems to process orders quickly and efficiently and we also employ talented multi-lingual customer support agents and our own systems to handle all the service requirements that go with selling online.

We have found our skills lie best in building and managing online sales and we wish to expand our range of brands and products in order to best utilise the skills and team we have. We now want to partner with new manufacturers in a range of different product areas who want to make maximum profits by selling online to consumers but lack the specialist skills and resources to master global online selling in the complex current internet marketplace. By working with JDS Partners we take care of online, and you take care of production and shipping the orders – max- imising your online sales and profits whilst allowing time to concentrate on developing your products and production.

JDS Partners are not looking to become simply another of your whole- sale customers – instead we want to build a long lasting partnership where our companies work closely together for the best results and for a safe and secure future.

We look forward to further discussions and hopefully a partnership with your company.

Kindest regards,

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 09.33.28
Sebastian Bzdak

Our Skills

Developing & Creating Brands

We use advanced research and planning to identify audiences and develop and create targeted brands that work in both the domestic and international markets

Design and Develop Sales & Marketing Materials

Our in-house team and external experts are able to develop high quality sales and marketing materials; websites, graphics, videos, printed materials and more

Multi Channel Selling Expertise

We use a variety of different channels to launch and sell products to consumers across the internet. We have developed great expertise particularly in Ebay and Amazon

A Global Approach

A cornerstone of our business model is international selling. We operate all our activities to maximise the sales potential from international markets as standard

Multilingual Customer Support Experts

Successful online selling requires exceptional customer support. We have developed an incredibly effective customer service team – capable of speaking and interacting with customers in over 7 languages, 7 days per week, from 8am-12pm (CET)

Data Driven

Key to our success and profitability is data and research. With advanced reporting and analysis we constantly optimise our offerings and can identify new opportunities based on fact

How JDS Partners Operate

JDS Partners carefully research marketplaces and find new opportunities for products. We then research and develop deals with manufacturers to supply these products using both a dropship arrangement, and in some cases, a traditional supplier arrangement whereby we hold stock in the UK or fulfilment centres worldwide.

JDS Partners create a brand, develop great sales materials, a website and launch on multiple channels, including Ebay and Amazon, in several countries from day 1. Our multi-lingual customer service team handle all service requirements to ensure we maintain our high seller ratings. As part of our on- going work we collect data on sales and optimise constantly to maximise profits.

Meet the JDS Team

Our multitalented team live in 6 countries and speak 8 languages

  • Director

    Dr James Belcher

    James brings over 10 years of internet selling experience to JDS Partners, having bought several brands successfully to market. James is responsible for sales and marketing as well as overseeing the technical requirements of the business.

  • Director

    Sebastian Bzdak

    Originating from Poland, Sebastian has lived in the UK for 10 years. Sebastian brings considerable experience dealing with suppliers and manufacturers. Sebastian speaks English and Polish and is responsible for supplier relationships, accounting and the general day-to-day running of JDS Partners.

  • Director

    David Belcher

    David has been successfully in business for over 30 years and brings a wealth of experience in running and administering organisations. David is responsible for the overall administration of JDS Partners, research and reporting, investments and logistics.

  • Head Developer

    Alexey Silenco

    Based in Kiev, Ukraine Alexey is an expert in programming and web development. Alexey is responsible for organising and managing the technical aspects of JDS Partners and it's brands.

  • Head of Customer Service

    Monique Collins

    Monique originates from the Netherlands and brings considerable skill to the team in heading up the Customer Service team. Monique speaks English, German and Dutch.

  • Customer Service

    Marzena Opiela

    Marzena joins JDS bringing excellent experience working for multinational companies in Customer Service. Marzena is fluent in English, German and Polish.

  • Customer Service

    Andreea Fazakas

    Andreea operates from Romania providing expert and friendly service to customers across our brands. Andreea speaks English, German, French and Romanian.

  • Customer Service

    Stephan Dunkel

    Based in our key market, Germany, Stephan brings over 10 years experience in online Customer Service to JDS. Stephan ensures our service team are always available and speaks English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, and basic Italian.

Additional Team Members

As well as the great staff above JDS Partners also work with several other highly talented people and companies in the fields of CGI Imagery, Graphic Design, Video Production, Web Development, Copy Writing, Translation, and Professional Advisors.

Benefits of working with JDS

Increased Profits

You are connected almost directly to the customer via the internet, this allows you to make maximum profit on each sale.

We take care of selling in multiple marketplaces

This will build a large, strong, and highly profitable sales channel for you whilst allowing you to concentrate fully on production.

Sell worldwide from day 1

We have the customer service, skills, team
and experience to launch in multiple countries immediately. This brings your products to new markets you may not have been able to access previously.

We have a vested interest in your products

We want to ensure all aspects of the product are suitable for our customers, and suitable for the different countries they are sold in – we can therefore offer help, ideas, and solutions to assist in the improvement and development of your products.

Partner Requirements

JDS Partners are looking to become a distributor of your products but with a differing arrangement to a normal supplier- distributor relationship as we are looking for you to ship the orders direct to the customer. JDS Partners operate a clearly defined business model and we are actively looking for manufacturers that will fit the model to best make use of our skills and team.

Our criteria contains the following ideal requirements for a manufacturer partner:

High quality products
A degree of uniqueness of the product(s) – something that is different, new or special
Meets all EU regulation and requirements that may apply, and can supply certification if needed
Able to ship directly to the customer from your warehouse or production facility
Experience of shipping to different countries inside and outside of the EU
Able to produce in high quantities at consistent quality
Low lead time for production (or you have suitable amounts of product in stock ready to ship)
Agree to exclusivity or minimum pricing on Ebay and Amazon sales
Have the ability to produce products with our own branding
Looking for a long-term partnership
Next Steps

Working with JDS Partners is Easy

First, contact one our team using the contact details below to start discussing how our companies could work together.

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